Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The New Marine Aquarium Blog

This blog will document my travels into the world of Saltwater Aquariums. I have had a freshwater aquarium for a number of years. I was looking to get a larger aquarium when I stumbled upon a second hand marine aquarium for sale at a very good price. Without too much thinking, I paid the money and loaded all into the back of a van. This blog will document my experiences.

The Aquarium
The picture above is of the aquarium as I purchased it.

The tank is a Juwel Rio 180 - 180 litre unit on a standard Juwel cabinet. It included two power heads, a protien skimmer and a light unit comprising a combination of metal halide and flourescent lights on separate timers. The tank was filled with live rock, a number of corals and a (unidentified) fish.

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